We will be shooting the 2017 run-forest-run video on Sunday July 30th 2017. A map of the forest is here: http://bit.ly/2017-fowlshatch-map so that you can find us. If the Frillinghurst car park is full the park in the chipping area of the forest. Be careful – it is quite bumpy and unsuitable for sports cars.

Runners Instructions:

  1. Please meet at the bottom of the path into the forest at 08:30 wearing your kit. If you need a run-forest-run T shirt then please use the contact form so that we know how many to bring.
  2. We will do a walking warm up lap of the course at 08:45 come rain or shine or wind or snow.
  3. Each of the obstacles will be shot individually and we will give you instruction at each obstacle.
  4. One lucky runner per obstacle will have the radio microphone to capture your lovely voice.
  5. One lucky runner per obstacle will be GoPro Monkey for the close-up joy of sweat and cheers.
  6. Smiling and giggling is really important. Looking like a pro is not!
  7. We should be done by about 10:30 for tea and coffee and cake.
  8. The footage will be used for promotion of the run-forest-run race and additionally as free test footage for the Hollywood Cinema community for the new IMF movie delivery format. I will be asking everyone to sign a release form to say that you are OK with this.

Film crew instruction

  1. Please meet at the bottom of the path into the forest at 08:15. Bruce will be bringing all the kit unless you have been specifically asked to bring something
  2. We will shoot each obstacle individually and look for some interesting angles to capture the team running between obstacles.
  3. We will shoot in 4K UHD and some of the content will be used by the Cinema community as test footage.
  4. The resulting video will be edited to length to go with the chosen music (probably Mighty from Caravan Palace). Any captured sound will be used for emphasis rather than synchronised accuracy.
  5. GoPro footage should be spliced with the camera footage using any creative techniques that you think are not too cheesy.
  6. The race url run-forest-run.co.uk and the music should be shown during the title and the credits. All the runners and the crew should appear in the credits. Make sure the final frame has the names of the crew and the url mrmxf.com/!crew where there will be a contact form for people to get in touch with you.

Logs-4-Labour 2016-2017 dates

We start at 0930, tea at 11, finish by 1300.logs4supported

Sign up for nEwsmail here – latest plans will be sent direct to your inbox…


Date Activity planned
Sun 30 October 2016 Bonfires! Bid for and collect split logs from where it has been seasoning.
Sun 13 November 2016 Path clearing – in readiness for Run-Forest-Run
Sun 20 November 2016 Marshalling Run-Forest Run sign up here
Sun 27 November 2016 Log splitting and safe use of axes
Sun 11 December 2016 Sawmill demonstration… send in your requirements now¬ Timber cut to size and less than half the price of the builder’s merchant!
Sun 18 December 2016 Outdoor cooking experience – bring and share –
Sun 8 January 2017 Log splitting and stacking for next year – wood-lots
Sun 22 January 2017 Stream clearing and sapling protection – see sustainable woodland management in action – with a talk on Planted Ancient Woodland restoration
Sun 5 February 2017 Craft week – make your sweetheart something to show your love
Sun 19 February 2017 Log splitting before it gets too warm – wood-lots and kindling
Sun 5 March 2017 Spring cook-in – bring and share – the plan is to have some venison for sale and to taste.
Sun 19 March 2017   Equinox fun Last chance to join the Logs4 labour crew – tour of the woods and  plans for the summer season.



Yeoman training

We are pleased to offer Yeoman training on a first come first served basis. Please use the form below to book and pay £25 for each training slot. This represents 90% off the usual price for chainsaw training and all we ask in return is that you guarantee to turn up to one event per month.

Yeoman Training – £25
(4 available, enter quantity you want to buy)

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Yeoman training – sold out

Sorry that you could note be part of the team. Please use the contact page if you’re keen and we’ll see if we can make more space

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L4L New Season 2015-2016 Dates

2017 -2018 Events 

Check the calendar for the following;

Sawmill dates. The Lucas Mill is a portable saw-mill that is manoeuvred into place, and after a set-up process can cut our cords of softwood into timber that looks like it came from a hardware store. Only 3 people at a time for these events – first come….contact us with your cutting list. Prices are less then famous name suppliers, plus you have that ‘local wood from local trees’ glow.

International Dawn Chorus  5-6 May. Obviously, a sringtime event. This will be our 5th such event.  Please contact us – Wild camping in the woods with a pot-luck breakfast and all the wild birds singing their hearts out. One of the wonders of the natural world.

Using an Ax to split logs (safely and efficiently)

Brash clearance days – featuring big bonfires, cakes and conversation.

Woodland craft skills. Learn how to split hazel with a bilhook, or smelt bronze the old-fashioned way. If you want to use the woods to demonstrate your skill or woodland craft, please use the contact form.

Sports and leisure – from archery to wild-camping, mountain bike trails to adventure running, Fowlshatch Copse is a wonderful place to unwind. Run-Forest Run is held on the third  Sunday in November. Check out the video. Then sign up for  18 November 2018 –  oups…link coming soon, but you can join the mailing list here.


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Run-Forest-Run Press Release

Sunday 23 November – race report from Bruce Devlin Race Director

“Great fun!” was the most heard comment as the runners crossed the finish line, put their hands on their knees and then started steaming as the torrential rain battered against the finish line gazebo. The post-race headquarters was filled with damp runners, enjoying free cake, bacon rolls,  and a hot drink an excited buzz of stories while the events of the morning were relayed and tales of mud, swollen rivers and heroic feats were exchanged.20141123_112142

A wide range of competitors lined up for the first event. Blind paralympian Louise Simpson showed outstanding courage and determination in the difficult conditions. Overall fastest runner Duncan Craig and fastest woman Dawn Elley showed that despite the rain and mud that it was possible to clear the course with impressive speed. Local runners were joined by Cambridge, Bristol, London and teams from neighbouring towns. Ages ranged from teenagers to retired gentle-folk who showed that a little determination can generate a huge amount of fun.

The first run-forest-run.co.uk was a great success. The goal was to have a friendly adventure race in the beautiful Surrey countryside that appealed to beginners and experts alike. Easier than a Toughmudder but more challenging than a flat, Tarmac 10k …  and they got it with extra rain. The runners were set off in groups of 20 to ensure that everyone was nicely spaced out for the single track elements in the forest. At 09:40 in heavy rain, the first group were under way and just before the 1km point they discovered the “Not a Hill – it’s an undulation”. Now stretched into a long line, the runners entered the Mill Lane bridle path that was masquerading as a swamp. Anyone who was precious about keeping their feet dry no longer cared as they left the clay trail and climbed the Tarmac road into Frillinghurst Farm. Through the gate and into Frillinghurst Wood, the runners had to be careful with their footing as the squishy, slippery clay hid tree roots and gulleys. The continual rain was causing the water level to rise slowly with every passing minute and the runners literally steamed their way through the mud and onto the forest track towards Fowlshatch Copse and the obstacle course.

“The video on the website made this look easy” said several runners as the wet conditions made the over-under obstacles much more difficult on the day. Down the slippery slope to the Log Carry the runners were finding that the steep slope up to the log drop needed some advanced scrambling techniques to keep forward momentum. Some runners loved their logs so much that they kept hold of them all the way down to the river jump. What had been a gentle 52 inch deep trickle on Saturday was now a knee deep torrent that was more than a little daunting for many runners. Despite a few slips and falls, nearly everyone managed to clear the obstacle course with nothing more than a cold dunking. The ambulance staff stayed warm and dry and kept watch without having to act.

Retracing their steps, the runners made their way back to the picturesque village of Chiddingfold where the local football club let us use their pavilion for warm showers after a tough race. Jane’s awesome lemon drizzle cake was even more popular than the bacon rolls Runners,  now warmed, all left smiling and looking forwards to next year’s race on the 22nd Nov 2015. Early bird entries open on the 1st December at http://run-forest-run.co.uk.

A huge thanks to all the marshals for giving up their Sunday mornings and a massive thank you to my co-race-organiser Jane. See you all next year!


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 Welcome to Fowlshatch Copse website.

Fowlshatch Copse is a privately owned Woodland in the AONB Surrey Hills.  Jane and Bruce Devlin acquire it in 2012 – it is a little bit of  the planted ancient woodland site (PAWS) called Grayswood, which gives the local village its name. It is in dire need of love and attention.

There is a Woodland Plan, approved by the Forestry Commission, that focuses on sustainable woodland management. Harvesting of the conifer cover is a slow process, and timber extracted is used for wood-fuel, round-wood  (or whole-wood) building projects.

We are grateful to everyone who has helped us understand how to manage woods sustainably. So many people to thank: Dave Vickers, a steeley eyed woodsman and trainer; Louise Green, naturalist, identifying wild flowers and bird species; and all our friends and the wonderful woodland enthusiasts so generous with time and energy and advice.

The Silva Foundation and their initiative Good Woods and myForest have been invaluable in keeping us up to date and on the journey towards a future thriving and sustainable Fowlshatch Copse. We attained a Silver star rating in January 2015, and Jane starred in a video promoting MyForest. The Woodland Trust, with advice and guidance, and the Forestry Commission who somehow manages to make us feel part of the national forest estate.

We love the woodland, and invite people to visit when we are there. Logs4Labour is a wood-fuel scheme supported by Chiddgreen, The National Trust at Swan Barn Farm and Transition Haslemere.  Our annual running adventure race Run-forest-Run takes place annually on the third Sunday of November, and relies on volunteers to go smoothly. We host the international dawn chorus day with wild camping and up-before-dawn guests. We have the odd craft day, like bronze smelting, forest school mud monster days, and willow-weaving.

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting to talk about Fowlshatch.



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Logs4Labour Products

Items here are available to buy – order on-line and collect by arrangement from Fowlshatch Copse.

On-line Orders (Click here to place orders and make secure payments on-line)

Log Stove £10 (£20 for three; £40 for 8)

 IMG_20140623_193344IMG_20140308_113907 IMG_20140409_180045

Easy to light with a small piece of firelighter, and can be put out using water, and reused.   A wide bottomed pan with a lid, or classic camping kettle boils in minutes… Total burn time about 2 hours. Quite portable, we recommend placing on a stable surface or tray of sand if you are worried about the damage to your lawn/terrace.

Patio Heater £15 (£25 for two; £40 for four)

20130720_211452_Fowlshatch Candle




Easy to light and spectacular in the dusk and dark. We recommend placing them on a stable surface or tray of sand. Can be put out with a jug of water, and relit. Watch out at the end of the burn, pieces may fall whilst still alight to a distance of 1.5 m. Very popular as ‘birthday’ candles!

Really Useful Log Bags £3 (£10 oor four) Great for transporting logs and keeping your car tidy. Perfect size for two people to carry.





Link to online shop – All prices are based on you collecting them from Fowlshatch Copse.

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