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Wherever you see thl4llogosmallis logo, you know you are in touch with the community Wood-fuel scheme based around Haslemere and Chiddingfold. Supported by Chiddgreen, The National Trust at Swan Barn Farm and Transition Haslemere.

Our aim is to bring local woodlands back into sustainable management, and produce renewable fuel in the form of logs – for  wood-burners.

Inclusive as far as possible,  not-for-profit, lots of  fun.



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Thank you for taking an interest in our scheme. Excerpt from our ‘How it works’ Document.

 A Community Woodfuel scheme in Woodlands around Haslemere and Chiddingfold

Logs 4 Labour is the umbrella coordinating body, organised by  Chiddgreen (CG) led by Jane Devlin, with support from Transition Haslemere (TH) and the National Trust at Swan Barn Farm (SBF).
The scheme is event based, with organised days in the woods. Anyone can help and volunteer!
The woods are marked on this map ( Google maps, opens in a new window.)
There is no membership fee. Events are free and open to all, unless otherwise mentioned in the event particulars.
Participation by volunteering labour in the woods is essential to get wood – this differentiates Logs4Labour from a firewood business.
Logs are collected at the end of events  – a small donation is requested to keep the scheme going – Costs include insurance, tool maintenance and refreshments.
A carload should be about £10. Big cars more, please.


Once or twice a year there are events in the woods to provide newbies with an introduction to the woods and the way we like to work.  You can find out about the next Wonderfuel Woods day



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