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Items here are available to buy – order on-line and collect by arrangement from Fowlshatch Copse.

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Log Stove £10 (£20 for three; £40 for 8)

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Easy to light with a small piece of firelighter, and can be put out using water, and reused.   A wide bottomed pan with a lid, or classic camping kettle boils in minutes… Total burn time about 2 hours. Quite portable, we recommend placing on a stable surface or tray of sand if you are worried about the damage to your lawn/terrace.

Patio Heater £15 (£25 for two; £40 for four)

20130720_211452_Fowlshatch Candle




Easy to light and spectacular in the dusk and dark. We recommend placing them on a stable surface or tray of sand. Can be put out with a jug of water, and relit. Watch out at the end of the burn, pieces may fall whilst still alight to a distance of 1.5 m. Very popular as ‘birthday’ candles!

Really Useful Log Bags £3 (£10 oor four) Great for transporting logs and keeping your car tidy. Perfect size for two people to carry.





Link to online shop – All prices are based on you collecting them from Fowlshatch Copse.

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